Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

"What is the time commitment like to be in a sorority?"

Like any organization that your child might be involved in on campus, it is a time commitment. We have chapter meetings once a week, along with other events and programs throughout the week. Although it can be difficult to manage time commitments as such, it is a great opportunity to improve time management skills.

"How much does it cost to be in Sigma Kappa?"

Every member of Sigma Kappa is required to pay dues every semester. These dues go towards many different things, such as national dues and operation costs. The cost of dues vary; however, this is something that your child can discuss with the chapter's Vice President of Finance. Payment plans are also available.

"Is there a Sigma Kappa central location?"

We are fortunate to have our very own Sigma Kappa house located on campus! This is where we have informal get togethers. The Sigma Kappa house is also a housing option for our collegiate members.

"How can I stay involved in the events that my child is participating in?"

You can check out our events page, or you can follow us on our Instagram page @ufsigmakappa.